Essentials Foundation

Who we are

Bringing solutions to a community is more than observing the visible or obvious problems. We at ESSENTIALS FOUNDATION like to take the time to talk with the community and see issues through their eyes, which allows us to bring real solutions which are sustainable. Sustainability can only be achieved with community participation at every stage of the process. In doing this, we empower each community from the inside out, thus avoiding dependencies, and creating a better future where basic needs are met.

Based in Amsterdam, our goal is to provide the basics of life to those who do not have access to them. As a human being, could you imagine a day without water? Or walking miles and miles just to access water?

The first step of making a difference starts with you! If you would like join us in our endeavour to provide the basic needs of people around the world, we would ask for any monetary donations possible. ESSENTIALS FOUNDATION, is a NGO (Stichting) non-profit organisation and all donations are tax deductible.

Countries Reached