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Refugees Myanmar water access
Almost half a million Rohingya refugees have fled violence in Myanmar and crossed the border to Bangladesh in the past months. As a stateless Muslim minority group in Myanmar, they have faced discrimination, violence and extreme poverty for decades. Most have walked for days, bringing with them harrowing stories of violence. People are arriving in overcrowded makeshift camps. They are sick, exhausted and in desperate need of food, water and medicine. With fabricated tents and houses these refugees have no access to clean water. With a team on the ground, ESSENTIALS FOUNDATION has been working closely with the community in identifying what locations are most in need of water. Building three wells simultaneously of 100 feet each at the Rohingya refugees camp in Kutupalong, Okiya. Although this is not enough for the huge demand, it is a great start in helping these refugees in their basic needs.
Clean water Sri Lanka
In some regions in the North of Sri Lanka, every year, when the hot season comes, serious water shortages occurs. In New Salambaik Kulam, a small town in the district Vavuniya, most of the community have to walk miles to get clean-water. ESSENTIALS FOUNDATIONS sponsored one of it’s deepest wells so far, a 150 feet deep well to provide this community with clean water for years to come. In order to reach these depth, a special drill was needed.
Water system Cameroon
In Bafut, a small town North of Bamenda Cameroon, ESSENTIALS FOUNDATION has been working closely with the community to have a clean water well system available for this town. A well was built on the schoolyard of Bafut’s elementary school. With no access to clean water, schoolkids had to walk 2km during break to gain access. With sponsors around the world, ESSENTIALS FOUNDATION provided a well up to 25 meters deep that will last at least 20 years providing this town with a basic of life. This well is dedicated to Habiba, the founder’s aunt who was an inspiration of kindness.